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Confident Puppy Program

Confident Puppy Program

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In coordination with AKC Government Relations, the AKC Canine College presents the online Confident Puppy Program, a collection of educational resources for individual breeders, trainers, and puppy raisers seeking information on raising resilient, well-socialized, and confident dogs.

Training and raising confident puppies is a journey with many milestones and stages, challenges, and celebrations. The Confident Puppy Program focuses on how people can foster environmental stability, socialization, exercise, and play.

In this course, you will have access to:

  • 7 eLearning modules on a variety of topics
  • a list of previously recorded webinars

Whether you are a Patriotic Puppy Program participant, detection dog trainer, or a breeder seeking guidance to build the foundation to a confident and well-adjusted pup, the Confident Puppy eLearning Program will provide you with the resources and answers you need.

Want to learn more about the Patriotic Puppy Program? Watch the video below.


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