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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at

Common Questions

If you have never purchased a Canine College exam or course before you do not need to login.

Please select the exam/course you would like to take from our website and complete the checkout process.

The email that you enter as part of your contact information during the checkout process will become your username to log into Canine College.

Once the checkout process is complete you will receive a “Welcome! Learning awaits” email that will instruct you on how to create a password for your Canine College account.

Once you’ve created your password you can login by clicking “Log In” on the Canine College website. 

Yes! Your username and password information for the AKC website is separate from your Canine College login information.

To access your courses and exams please make sure you are log in through the Canine College Portal: and enter your Canine College login information.

In the same error message on your internet browser window that states “pop-up blocked” there is a sentence that states “launch course”. You can click on “launch course” and the course/exam will open in a new internet browser window for you. 

This can be due to the internet browser not marking your completion.

  1. Please try closing all internet browser windows and then logging into your course/exam once more. It should show your completed or final screen.
  2. Exit the exam/course once more and it should show as complete.
  3. If you are still not seeing the course mark as completed please contact the Education Department Administrator at 

The Education Department can not advise you on your judging application. Any questions you have in regard to your judging application should be directed to

Please contact the Education Department Administrator at

  1. Select the course or exam you would like to take from the Canine College website.
  2. Begin the checkout process there will be a box to the right hand side of your screen advising you to enter your discount code.
  3. Enter the code exactly as it appears. *Any capital letters must be entered as capital letters.
  4. After you have entered your discount code click apply and the discount is applied. 

We strongly recommend completing Canine College courses and exams on a personal computer whenever possible as some mobile devices may not allow the courses and exams to function as they were intended to.

Certificates are printed by AKC and mailed to you. Please allow two weeks from the time you complete a course for it to be printed and mailed to you. 

From the Canine College Portal -, select Forgot Password. Instructions will be emailed to you to reset your password.

If you still need assistance, contact the Education Department Administrator at